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Fabiana began her singing career when she was twenty and since the beginning of her musical experience she has been strongly influenced by jazz music having studied with some of the most famous names in the Neapolitan and international jazz scene (Jeff Ballard, Gegè telesforo, Larry Grenadier, Roberta Gambarini, Valerio Silvestro… ) and having shared the stage with important artists of the 'national and international jazz environment (Famoudou Don Moye of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Renato Sellani, Aldo Vigorito, Dario Deidda, Lino Cannavacciuolo, Baba Sissoko, Maurizio Capone, Piero de Asmundis, Amedeo Tommasi, Marco Pezzenati ...); there is no shortage of experiences in many other musical fields, from gospel to folk, from classical Neapolitan to experimental music, and noteworthy are also her theatrical works as an actress and singer  alongside Nino D'Angelo, C. Croccolo, G. Miale di Mauro, N. di Pinto, T. Femiano, and many others.
Of great importance now is her collaboration with NU GENEA and Nuova napoli Band with which she has followed a successful tour in Italy and abroad.
She also continues the collaboration with the band Sesèmamà of which she is one of the founder, author, musician and singer. She is currently also the lead singer of the Uanema Swing Orchestra.

The first significant step in Fabiana's artistic career is the realization of her first album "FLOWERS" (Velut Luna) in April 2008. Listening to this album you can discover the real passion of F. for the 70s and music and west coast philosophy The album contains some of the most popular songs of that period such as "fire and rain", "sitting on the dock of the bay", "all I want", "help me" and more. "Flowers", the first song of the album that gives the album its title, is one of the three original songs along with "Try to imagine" and "Visnu in Bombay"! 
In 2011 the album "Fabiana Martone and Big Band Bond" -produced by Velut Luna- was released: all the most famous songs from the soundtracks of James Bond films, together with the “Orchestra Ritmosinfonica Città di Verona”. In this album F. expresses herself in a completely different way with an equally different musical genre that gives us the opportunity to listen and appreciate how versatile and varied her voice is. This project was a real success for Fabiana and it led her to perform on various Italian stages accompanied by a big band of 50 elements!

Meanwhile F., who had transformed her passion into her full-time job, began teaching singing and carrying on many other collaborations with other artists of the Neapolitan scene. Fabiana and Soundflowers for example, a group born in full collaboration with the brilliant pianist Lorenzo Campese - piano and arrangements, represented an important step in the career of F.
2014 is a very important year: after 4 years of work, finally the album by the band Fabiana and Soundflowers entitled “Creature” is released; an album of new songs written with Lorenzo Campese and arranged together with the rest of the band composed by Marco Castaldo on drums, Vincenzo Lamagna on double bass, Francesco Desiato on flute. The Creature album is a very important one for Fabiana; this record will be followed by many shows and concerts in Italy and abroad, national and international jazz festivals (first prize at the "Lucca Jazz woman", guests at the "Birstonas Jazz Festival" in Lithuania). In 2016 Fabiana and Soundflowers disbanded.
Joni, I Love U is another important long-term project in collaboration with Gigi Scialdone-guitarist; this tribute project to Joni Mitchell is the expression of F.'s visceral love for the singer-songwriter.
2015 sees the birth of a new collaboration: the one with the San Carlo vibraphonist Marco Pezzenati. The project, entitled “Agave Blu” is "a room" in which Marco arranges edited or unpublished songs for vibes, voice and small percussions. In 2016 Agave Blu records a live album with the collaboration of Velut Luna. In the same year the duo performed in one of the most incredible places where you can perform: the San Carlo theater in Naples… an indescribable emotion.
Another important step in Fabiana's artistic growth is the "Note di Palco" company with which she has been making musical performances for a charity foundation (Elena Sapio Onlus) for years.

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